25 June 2014


    It's to no ones surprise how many shoots that we hash tag as: #sexual #raw #gritty #SomeGuyHashtaggingFuckHerBrainsOut. Whatever gets the predators and those whom objectify off, secretly we get off too as well.

 The mother fuckers make some great art. The words of "yes! Good girl! STAY! Stay RIGHT THERE." becomes almost the background music in my ears as I have an almost evil grin spread across my face, with one hand on my chest and the other usually clutching Jimi Hendrix as we get her exactly where we want her... and the object of the objectification?...

Well, sex sells doesn't it? What provocative and sexually beasts we really are inside, shaking our fingers at those whom aren't afraid to display or explore our animalistic instincts in bed. The instincts that make us rip off each others clothes before we get to the bed, with your legs wrapped around his waist as you're tossed like a rag doll on the mattress top, topless of course, as hands are roaming, groping, grabbing, scratching, biting your lip as  your climax excitedly awaits... and when we reach it- laying on each other panting for a moment... our urge has been satisfied. As the predator has caught his pray.

      Want to call me sexist? Do I objectify women too much? Do I at all? Fuck ya I do, and unapologetically so at that. I love the grit, the raunchy, the raw, the kiss me kill me hold me thrill me. Gives a whole new meaning to someone calling you an animal doesn't it?  

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