03 July 2014



   Adjectivesusceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

  1. Synonymshelplessdefenselesspowerlessunguardedweaksusceptible

A terrifying word, especially to an artist- sending shivers up  my spine at the thought alone. Willing to be "naked", exposed, unguarded, and most of all and importantly of all- vulnerable. 

when you see certain artists when they perform, like no one is there, they're naked- getting lost in their "character", in their "art", and we just happen to be there watching. That's a difficult place to get to, and one that especially in private settings, is an even harder reach to chip away at the armor we hold up from the darts thrown at our hearts. 

bringing out the different "sides", our different bits and pieces that make us who we are... kudos to you Mr. Bravin... for walking in and automatically there was no wall at all. The hair stylist, assistants, make up, no one was "there", I've come all this way to find out how to come back again to being 8 years old, when my first perfectly pointed toe would hit the stage ready for my solo... because to Madame Bruner's credit, she said no one was watching when I danced, because I danced and get lost in it- and the audience was `there as onlookers, I didn't notice, nor care I'm sure. 

And that's exactly what Adam Bravin was able to do with me when shooting me for Elle Japan magazine... he had me naked, it was just us, and I wasn't scared to even be scared. He made me feel safe to be completely exposed. Thank you Adam. 

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