24 June 2014

the holly holy grail

I finally found "the one" after a year and a half... 

     Being one to not "settle", I knew she had to exist. A hot chick that could skate... like REALLY skate, especially empty pools, (another criteria pertinent to the concept). 
     During a family barbecue, a stunning blonde, beachy waves with the perfect sun kissed golden locks we all sit in our stylists chairs for hours to attempt to reach. 
     As Jimi Hendrix and his usual slutty friendly self found her pup, our bitches were running after each other in no time, and I became a Holly fan right away. 
     Then she drops the bomb of not just being able to skate... but- literally is one of the top pro skaters to even touch the game, let alone a board. 
     Being beyond excited to work with her is an understatement. Getting to throw on cool clothes (or ahem "weird clothes") and have her kill the empty pools like they've been bent over already waiting knowing they're about to made into her bitch, it's going to be a ridiculously amazingly badass shoot. And I can't wait!! FUCK YAAAAH I FOUND the HOLLY HOLY GRAIL! 

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