29 November 2012


I fucked loved this CD when it came out played it non stop. would be emo and cry about some stupid boyfriend while listening to strong enough sometimes or blast all I wanna do terrorizing the streets of beverly fucking hills shrieking little shits having the time of our lives... thank you sheryl... you got even better too..

aaaand next is the sex best I mean the sexiest song I've heard in my life... if it doesn't make you wanna go and do it. you're just weird. and you try to call me weird? nope- straight up- you are weird

thank you billy for this amazing masterbation station track. really

and then only one word is needed to continue this awesome journey... for all the bitches out there that go straight back to our teenage rebellious bullshit youth and have a surge of tingling excitement from our nipples to our navels at the mere utterance of...


daniel johns

... ya ...

now to kick up your teenage orgasm... gavin rossdale- when we all first knew we fucking get off OFF on an accent... the australians- thank you daniel johns- and now our badass brit... BuSH 16STONE the start of some more thrash crash soundtrack to our lives moments... fuck off I love it. when we thought we were invincible. nothing and NO ONE could or would touch us... who cares. it feels damn good.

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