29 November 2012


"you're acting like animals!!"

hearing the once disciplinary command now resonates in a shameful tone... how different are we really now than how we once had separated or defined ourselves as "better than" or "above" animals when we now relish on the phrases of "dog-eat-dog" world (to which my reply firmly has always stood of thank god I'm a vegetarian) because of my own belief that I do unto others as other's undo to me attitude- of yes. of course I get stepped on taken advantage blah blah I get it- but the honest nature is of a pure intent. when we now idolize an "eat the rich" society of a hatred towards "wealth" because of a hunger deprived economy of "shark tanks" and our metaphors are now leveling this entire playing field. so why I fuck with it and have this excitement of my concept of animal "oeuful" a delicacy for our posh fried duck hearts and fois grais... and yes PLEASE caviar to a sheep placenta facial Victoria Beckham yes Princess wait list 4 months Rodeo appt here you go slapstick is a taste in my mouth that makes the actions of Cannibals revolt you? well here's the "the RICH must eat babies!" excitement my little lambs. EXCITE entice invite whatever the words that excite revolt crave create intrigue the concept is one of beauty to maybe make you think feel- it's only in my story of... questioning.. challenge? your interpretation is yours- have it make it if you want to tell me if you have the desire to- I love that and thank you. either way couture guts and glory to a set shall ensue... Ink and paper (dad I'll email you first pinky promise I know I'm impulsive because I FEEL like it panache I do understand)... now for the brand stand that's ok I'm jumping UP not falling or dropping it's UP OUT wherever it's there and that's ok. I love art- and the encouragement has only fed it/ it's not a beast of burden mr jagger. it's one of passion and a lust for life that is fed when the pictures in my head have fingers and toes and are real. I make it real- and it may not be in "reality" as we walk around tom dick and harry jane sue blues I know... but it's exciting when you scream out unfiltered honesty and then ok let me back up clean it tweak it for publishing purposes what's that ok that works to tell the story... yes please... decadent INDULGE divulge DIG in touch it TASTE it feel it smell it SEE it HEAR it. like it? hate it? well... at least you now thought about it. thank god... yes... your mind.. it is a beautiful place- open it up a bit more- no? crawl around it a liiiiittle further... questions question QUESTION! if you do not ask... how will you ever know? no? it makes a lot of sense when you break it down and really think about each one of your senses... because artists. we do that. we kind of fuck with one of your senses that can take you straight to a memory a moment and capture it. ingrained in your mind.. thank you. here's some pictures that are exciting me and inspiring me... I'm doing homework because I'm having a dinner party. people want to watch me do it- that's fine. watch it in September? sure- as long as I get to throw it- that's art. the one who does the art- that's the bummer. I hate that. but if I don't take the risk- how the fuck else do I get to show you all one big ass "portfolio" so to speak in a more grand scale? sit and tweeter twatter all damn day? or say ok fine- splash trash cameras to make bon bon bonnie couchlover mommy feel awesome that I have blood shot eyes with a slander of blood scrawled letters across my face?

ya... to get a really BIG stage to put my art on.

let's dance.

"gen y" jazzie... not "gen x"...

oh. ok. babydoll gets it...


i'm it. ya- I am. the black sheep is the most beautiful and precious sheep of them all.. they never meant to be and scribble natural born leader and wildly creative imagination and articulate inquisitive and no skipping ahead grades for me thank you on my report cards all day. I thank you and your stamps of where my intelligence ranks among the benign "think tanks" and do thank you and bid you adieu. approval no longer necessary because I already had it. my own. and here's my guts and glory. getting to do art- the pictures in my head. come to life. rad.

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