28 November 2012


Getting to see collections before they hit the runways and a year later to the streets is something I wish more whom are given the opportunity should and need to show you- I love to show people talent that I'm humbled to every person that ever cheerleads thanks likes hates (yes if you ever take any time of yours to formulate your opinion of my work- and of course will deem me as a bitch. Weirdo. Scary. Freaky. Creepy. "Dark" whatever it is) I thank fucking anyone and everyone whom takes anytime out of their life because it boils down to you give a shit and or are curious and I fucking thank the living shit out of you all- (shout ours artists... Shout outs please)... Alapana Nareej I love your work- my email from PRB (jade is bad as hell- in my bad bitch I love her in my own terminology) and as showrooms pour their features clients collections- I get so excited by new artists- exciting collections JUST ART I LOVE RAD ART

Here's new art I love and want at my cannabalistic decadent dinner party... I'm really serious I want it to happen I'm ready to and I now need to do it (ready willing able- thank you in our weekly business 101 Sunday classes... My once a week there's the ground you see it right jazzie days- yes I do. You did it dad- you know it Bsj. Check them out and hopefully they give high fives all around back- no really I like it. Only makes me excited to debut my collection when the time comes... At 27 I made my goal and I'm proud of myself... Because that's what the 27 club means to me now- my 27 club- I took the biggest jump to the most vulnerable and scary platform and stage for every artist to perform on... The one that leaves me without armor or walls to "protect"- the honest honest one... My truth- my art. And show you all. And the stage might be the runway or just using your phone record show blast out TV it's going to be there because I jumped at 27 with the dream I have following and dreaming working towards gleaming my wish of saying I'm going to be a fashion designer when I was 3. I jumped at 27. The club is your dream coming true and taking the risk because you believe jn your vision- your creation/ so much. And when there are others behind you/ you jump harder dance harder perform harder and those against you? Motivate YOURSELF get OFF on proving people wrong and for me?... Well my I told you so is when I throw down the "verdict" and say proof... And walk away. I get off on that and live for that.. As I breathe everyday. But I'm alive for the days that I get to live. That's why I'm still breathing.

I know the bleeding heart passionate artist... I'm not the passive type or the I'm too cool/ I pour it out here and spill it from heart and guts- say what you want what you will or make your opinions - it shouldn't matter if you're honest and respectful and not hurting others. I'm not. My intentions are from an honest place always... A good place. A happy fucking excited PASSIONATE INTENSE YES! Get excited jump up and down YES!! I love that. Do that. Feel that. It's amazing. The best orgasm of your life- is the emotional an physical and for me? When the pictures in my head- come to life. To life... I can feel them taste them see them hear them smell them- every sense is heightened excited and your heart bursts at the end because you made it real- in your reality your truth and fuck off fuck you try it then deny it if it doesn't excite you and bring you to that cartwheeling excited three year old happiness... It's cleansing really. Maybe that's why you like your stamps on me as opposed to myself as a human being. That's ok- if you want to know me personally separate from my art- you will ask. If you have the balls- because I wear my heart not just on my sleeve metaphorically. I walk around with it pinned on my chest. It's ok- I'm not afraid - I stared my biggest fear in the face poured the dirt from the shovel first on you mom- and it took awhile but you're even more proud of me than I am on myself I know Toni- but I did it- we did it- and THAT is perfect. But ya- my collection my line my baby is ...the.PERFECT... And building the house of ...the.PERFECT... And it's perfect to me. That is the beauty and happiness and excitement. Email for information. And ya/ we're moving inventory for appts this Friday and Saturday at the fashion castle assholes. And want to see anyone who is curious about us.

Xx bella

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