15 March 2014

the new breed of accessories

     With the sweep of neutrals now retreating in our wardrobe as designers are keeping up with the economic expenditures we now equate; the investment of the perfect heather grey cashmere sweater, the perfect black wax jean. 
     We're not exactly splashing out loud the of the moment "trends" for the life span of any piece that can't last through a weekend in Vegas. 
      So where are we showcasing our punches of panache? Our hands and our toes of course. 
     The nation sweeping trend of nail art has no limit to the spikes stones claws crystals piercings on top of bows with pearls and sprinkles on top. 
      We're now wearing our jewerlry on our hands, literally. Besides the well polished chip less for 2 week presentation I personally couldn't be more grateful for, getting a fresh new paint job has become the equivalent of a new cocktail ring. 

My birthday nails 

The appliqué overload nails 

Nailtisicans are basking in their newfound glory with the recession cutting the clientele of women starting to "d.i.y" more often, the future was looking pretty grim. 
      Alas, as always we have managed to find one more beautifying expenditure we "need" to shell out for. $40 for se fresh gels, then start with approximately $3-$5 per nail design, do the math. $100 a pop for some fresh new paws. 
     I personally am all for the mix and match, with maybe a few designs thrown in the mix. Get a little more adventurous than the "1 different colored nail" oh I'm so risqué move. You're tip toeing back into your old fashionable fabulous self, step by step! 

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