16 March 2014

It's no secret that I love everything that has to do with a whimsical never never land... Especially when it comes to carousels. My purple beauty daffodil is my first accomplishment with my creative concept of building a "carousel orphanage" if you will. 
     Eventually with a mechanical engineer I want to make my little ponies into a large functioning art piece, as more animals come into play. So here's daffodils story beginning to end. 

    At the Pasadena flea market one month, as BSJ is attempting to drag me away, tents packing and arms and cards full of treasures, I spot an old beat up wonder horse that I ran too without missing a beat. Ignoring the eye rolls in the back of my head burning, I asked the owner of the unloved sandbox retiree how much he was asking for her. My excitement must have fallen in good graces as he generously said she was obviously going to a great home and happily handed me my new prize. My dad confused. Me? Amused. As the project brewed in my mind. 
    The concept of building the "carousel orphanage" is a play of the discarded, the abandoned, the outcast black sheep, and celebrating by coming together in a perfect juxtaposition. Fresh purple paint, with her mane and tail black, and using intricate glitter glue pens after painting the saddle a beautiful rich gold, the detailing finally reached my approval. 

     A quick trip to Home Depot, I purchased the large planting pot and cement mix. (My form & space teacher Jim Starett would be very proud right now). I had an antique French rod iron curtain rod I had purchased a few years ago at an Architectual salvage yard, which became the perfect pole for daffodil after using my drill to create a hole down the middle. I then purchased a large 2x4, and had it cut in half to be the support for setting her in place evenly. 

     Placed a brick to cover the planter hole in the center, mixed the cement while pouring in water mixing until all lumps were out, she was placed in the middle as the 2x4's supported both sides and voila!! She's setting right now. Pretty creative huh? I'm into it. Now go get artsy assholes! Xx 

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  1. You are so KAWAII(*´▽`*)♡♡♡

    Chiaki from Japan