11 December 2013

Rock Paper Scissors

    A run into the 99 cent store for more balls (for the tree that is)... When something catches my eye- I'm like a 4 year old and I have to grab it touch it and get all excited about it... especially when it comes to art supplies- anything really, when I know my canvas is primarily the human body. 

     This is the result of a roll of sparkly ribbon from the 99 cent store and half a joint later... voila... The start of a cool skirt I'm into. 

     Manipulating the ribbon as I'm spinning Madame Fifi around folding the ribbon (yes making "darts" out of cheap sparkley turquoise ribbon... in excitement as I step back when I see the empty cardboard roll has hit the ground. 

now that's a rad $2 holler... ribbon, pins, and the start of a "skirt". 

    As Thoreau said, and perfectly if I say so myself. "It's not what you see. It's how you see it."

       Deja Vu I mention because the same situation occurred as my kid Dine and I are scrambling 3:30 am before day 2 of "the perfect" editorial that was shot by Kevin Osmond.

        With hair and make up walking in the door 2 hours and 15 minutes to go... Crying about "my voice as an artist not being heard" bawling my eyes out... As I begin to eyeball the stack of black glitter paper I bought by the stacks (2 for $1 at Target for wallpapering a wall with black glitter paper as I was unable to find this wallpaper already existing). 

    A pack of paper a glue gun and have a joint later... made this happen. My kids Dine and Emo laughing as crazy mom's arts and crafts project is treated with care as Osmond says: careful with the couture!! 

    As walking on the grass... Rima standing on a box, as we clamp the paper project and with a Jessica Huang leather neck piece and an Evil Pawn pearl necklace with a mink skull worn as a sash peaking out perfectly... The kids and I stand back- hands on our chest as we smile and feel how worth it it all is... When you get to see the pictures in your head come to life... 

Photographer: Kevin Osmond
Creative director and fashion editor: me
Hair and make up: Regard Tang 
My kids: (stylists assistants): Diana Graffius, Nadine Silvestre, Sarah Lorsch 
Sunglasses: La Maison de Fashion 
Leather neck piece: Jessica Huang 
Necklace worn as sash: Evil Pawn
Jewelry: Charles Albert 
Skirt: ...the.PERFECT... 
Location: My families private residence

Xx bella 

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