09 December 2013

hold me. thrill me. kiss me. kill me.

More than ever now, women want to feel dominated… in bed that is.


 As the rise of "women in power" has settled to the villainies of females across our pop obsessed cultural stratosphere… we have butted heads, kicked down doors, screamed when we should have just shut the fuck up… and yet in bed;

       We become defenseless, the reins are handed to you lover. But oh my! The excitement of a perfect slap backside that gives you that bit of a quince because you may have a nasty attitude at times… but in bed… bitch you're just plain naughty.

The flip of the bipolar switch to the choke me spank me pull my hair role-play the moment read my lips no longer applies to their face…

    We love a little pain, when feeding our sexual premonitions,  because it tastes good to feel that little quince sometimes. We let it out slowly as we "figure it out" kissing our frogs and fucking our toads along the way… to where "good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught"

So is that a possibility why… in our posh high fashion elite snobbery… we are suddenly in love with Givenchy's new leather strapped harness corset… the body chains… our Balmain leather mini studded and buckled with an industrial zipper that can rip the skirt off… how risqué yet… for $2,200 who could resist?! 

     We're wrapping ourselves in leather… higher the heels…. Daffodils for a thousand bucks a pop. Oh goody they are red on the bottom! That adds a zero on the end doesn't for you Christian? When it's hooker heels with a "d'orsay" side cut… how… original.

Hooker heels- straps and chains- leather clad- spikes- what more do you want as we are throwing thousands upon thousands for high end designer FASHION FAME?!?!!!!

We're dressed in S&M gear as a label whore. How chic. 

actress Sianoa Schmidt-McPhee 
shot by: Rodney Ray
the clothes: my fault
Kassandra Kiermit made her face and hair look like this 

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