18 July 2013

you're acting like an animal

I relentlessly and obsessively researched and was adamantly committed to my concept when asked what do you want to do Jazzie? My obsession with serial killers turning from conversations of others interest, soon turning into terrifying looks
when I had meticulous detail of where to purchase Pig Hearts and why the purchase of the fake thick gelatinous blood was of utmost importance for not staining garments. (ahem drew to the zebra beaded pouchette and marabou feather headpiece!)

"A decadent cannibalistic dinner party"

I knew the merge of five words would raise a brow or two.. but in the manner in which Dr. Lector would host as Mr Brown looked on with intrigue... why is the blatant question. Why the fuck would I, for my first impression on a nation wide platform, think of this shit basically. WHY?!

The animals wanted to play...

It's my social commentary on current society. You are all acting like fucking animals... and I'm telling it in exciting visuals. What essentially is my canvas which is why I live for- are editorials. I fucking love them. It's smart art and it excites me that's all. Human interactions have just become transactions.. and when you say dog eat dog world and shark tank... I don't eat animals.. don't eat Jimi Hendrix.. I would never eat you.

You can't purchase the three most important things in life. Love, time, and passion. You simply cannot, and if you were to play devil's advocate with the time issue- I refer to how can I buy 5 more minutes, 5 more hours? Please how am I able to purchase... to buy 5 more days with my mom? Physically how?

Four words as Bob (Drew's business partner) grasping desperately at almost when first meeting me as our equal amounts of whiskey daze with clouds billowing out of mumbles and I's mouths as I stared into his eyes with fear for his explaination in tangible words to describe a creature such as myself...

A conduit, no... Catalyst.. she's like a shaman an instigator... a confusion when laying his head on the table looking straight into my eyes, when I looked into his and said, you don't have kids it's hard to understand I know.. His eyes flashed in question and fear as he asked me how I knew, and I said I could see it in his eyes. It's hard to tie a ribbon around a rainbow- you're trying to strap a mic pack on Edgar Allen Poe I don't know. But- if I'm a catalyst I don't carry the fire- I'm not trying to provoke anything in you or evoke anything at all Bob.. I just run with excitement setting the world on fire.. I'm tenacious and ferociously hungry for my dream- and am passionate as hell. You may purchase my current time- but my passion, and honesty of my desire to have my kids "beat me" and for them to dream bigger- when someone says no don't say why- say why not and if you are complacent get the fuck out of my way because I'm running full speed ahead..

This is my art project Brownstone and Style let me do, and in return I let them watch.. Ward Robinson captured the idea and we brought characters to life, and made rad art. I'm proud and it's difficult in the middle to understand why- but when Esther and Teddy were finally on set that Sunday- after an entire week and a half of from waking up to falling asleep on full lockdown to understand what the fuck was I trying to do or show?... Then is when they said their... ahh- now I get it. And I looked up and my two moms and said- thanks, it's hard to explain.. but it's really beautiful to me, when I get to have the pictures in my head come to life.

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I'm tightening up my next story I'm excited to tell.. but shhh... you're never supposed to- but like I would give a fuck- I'm telling you the truth, that's what scares you- is the fact that I'm fearless, vulnerable, and I walk around naked all day, but unfortunately my actions with my only intent of my gravitas as my respect for you, became something else instead. Don't feel threatened but proud big red. as the script flipped the moment once a mentor now a peer I've worked my ass off to achieve... was immediately killed in your head when a mic strapped was only strapped to jump the line, yes of course that's fucking why... that's it I said.
First mourning.. then watching your blood run when you get that pang in your stomach and the sting in your eyes of the fading image in your mind, you have to watch the funeral now instead. But you were right with what you said- I just didn't know I was able to give you that much power... and now that excites me a little instead...

My new concept is exciting me beyond believe.. I won't even use descriptive words yet until my presentation is perfect. And I'm at the obsessed with it storyboard sketching part at this point. Here's one photo that will give you a taste... but not a bite for what is to come ahead..




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