18 July 2013


"Jazzie- that's disturbing? Why on earth would you want to do that?"

    My eyes flashed with excitement as the smirk across my face slowly faded to an almost amused grin with no proper intent inbetween. 

    As I calmly explained the story and why the smart art just happens to be images that excite me, and are of repulse to most- is just honest. I'm an egomaniac then if I like to tell some of my stories at times.

      Call me Alejandro allday and I would get off simply because you ooh's and the ahh's of this artist whom is bold and brave in his interviews to admit he is excited by violence he loves it and has horrible thoughts as well in his head. Therefore.... I had to further explain the question why to my father as I saw almost fear in his eyes...

when I said... this is the next story I want to tell... because it angers me- Not enough people do tell... And friends of the family- cousins uncles aunties babies whomever it is... that you said felt no- and they lustfully and tried to trust fully convince you... "This is normal".. "Just trust me"... 

This is for us- for you- of my way to say... SPEAK YELL SHOUT

If you don't- call me whatever the fuck you want... Because:

1) I'm sure I've been called worse...
2) "people's opinion of you is none of your business baby".
3) my intent is only to not jus bring "awareness" but when she fucking says I don't like him tucking me into bed- LISTEN TO HER HIM. When you're older- and you ever EVER said no... Fuck your "but I was drunk..." Justifications. 

call me it all- You're pathetic to me..

so interpret the images of "disturbance"... I use the masks for you to leave the face you see there.. 

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