27 February 2013

I Can't Find the Words

I wish I could ask my mom so many things right now... I keep trying to- it's as if I don't know... I just don't mom and I wish I could and I want to.. here's me asking. help mom... and p.s... I love you- and it's taken me a long time to ask God to forgive me for being upset with Him... because it's been so selfish of me... because Heaven didn't gain an angel... maybe heaven needed one- and you are the most beautiful angel of all Toni. I love you and trust all of this... and feel in my heart you're proud of me... and saying to keep going Jazzie. You believe in me. never once wavered at the thought. I know that I need to start to... but- I will Toni. I love you... rip the most beautiful angel, and perfect angel to have such a presence of yours has always been my biggest present. and tomorrow is my birthday :) I did it. I made my dream come true at 27. you weren't wrong in the slightest about my tenacity or my talent. thank you mommy.. thank you...

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