09 January 2013


hi. I'm baby doll. I'm writing a story.

I have my little girl. I cast me her mine same. here she/we are is... perfect

I'm writing a story that's all... just a tale. a fairytale...

still searching for the song to this one... fucking hate this to death it so hard. jordyn my little princess.. we have to find it. we will. I need it in my story. our story, because we win in the end...

her heart has had really big painful stabs.
little girl- we have the power over the worlds we create. we have everything we need to do it. are you ready? do you want to? we can fight and face it all because the angels that carry us- so well put my sucker punches- shout through demons and do touch your life along the way... mom I know you're always with me even when we're apart. thank you

.. we win little girl. baby doll loves you and knows we can and will. a powerful beauty in the physicality? the mentality... sweet dreams. princesses know. we make them come true.
a performance you are training for your entire life to perform... leaving it all on the stage... bleeding and open for all...

the cruelty of the theatre- oh the theatrics of the antics Mr Jodorovsky! we're just honest almost to the point of our laughter... we're just showing you a truth you are replicating instead of the one you had once written so ingrained and implicated as we were children instead...

call me crazy-
you're fucking insane.
(look up the definition of insanity in the dictionary- God willing you even own one... not Siri's incompetence or Wikipedia's pitiful articulation of layman's for the masses of cows.. you call middle America instead.

how delightful insightful be mindful a mind... full . taste. waste. beautiful mind. I don't want to taste it. I don't want to waste it. I really want to slow it down... so badly sometimes I just. I want to slow it down... I'm just- running to a dream... not stepping or skipping stairs social climbers... no--- dancing because no one is watching- I'm dancing and my dream is here- just watch if you want to. I only hope I inspire you- light a fire in you- to what your dreams are- and pray that they are only for good.

I seriously mean that. and stop your justifications for your limitations NASJDHJASDJKASB WHINY BRETT EASTON ELLIS I GET IT CLUELESS MEETS KIDS YOUR BABY DOLL SAYS YOU'RE WELCOME..

when you clueless meet "the kid"- the "result" oh my traffic how cute!!!

my girl. my story, my fairytale. yes Sophia (my little Lolita Belle)

we will tell it in pictures. and phenomenal performance my black winged beauties.

how much music evokes a MOOD... yes...

the little girl. ok say I started the fire. I have passion. compassion. a heart you see beat out of my chest? maybe is that for the fact it's so easy to see my ribs and my spine- you are without depth and will not work I'm afraid. because I just didn't know there was a box...

There was never a different drummer to whom's beats I would hear to follow?
No beautiful operatic music I danced to instead in my head...

just breathe. hold on for the ride. and watch me dance. my pointe shoes have touched the grounds of other countries for the beauty and art they acquired from little baby doll. you fearless artist- prima ballerina bellarina we say.

we train trained for a bigger stage in the fairytale. time to tell a story.. pictures are worth a thousand words. writing it is the breathing. sitting back with your heart and soul watching from above your performance was it your best? do you think it's perfect? what is perfect? it has to be to you. for you... there's no such thing... I love it. I live that day those days. It's worth every tear drop or blood shed- when it's for such a beautiful effect the pretty piece of flesh left... alive died regardless. tried- best. perfect. '

to me.

here is a reference for the "motion editorial" element:

(from 1:06 seconds in...)

the rest of the puzzle pieces? well with the perfect selections of fabric, flesh and jewels to drape on the characters I am creating... well it's going to be a story to be remembered... and for me at least- one I will never forget.

ready? want to? can you?

then let's go

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