05 January 2013


all together- we tell so many stories... artist's essentially we love to tell you stories... ones that touch people resonate mean something...

I say what I mean
I mean what I say
what I say, means something

I love art. creating art. just doing art/ and being art... it just encompasses my entire being in the most luscious plush and beautiful blanket that makes your heart beat so big and so boldly out of happiness... there are no tools in humanity nor in existence that can stop burst THAT bubble... the one inside your heart/ your heart. it goes through a lot- cold warm small hard soft burst break stabs beats clogs bleeds and at the end of your sears and tears... it's the heart. our heart. his heart. her heart. their hearts. MY... MY HEART.

it's where you feel- and I know in my truth how much it hurts and tears and kils pain and being upset sad unhappy google the fuck out of every word to say what these words denote. Hence... the only feeling I am holding and chasing and jumping up out into after is the bursting happiness that it's too big for my body you can see it literally beating outside your chest sometimes bella, you're heart is that big... thank you sammy. It's been through a lot- and no thank you no ma'am no way and no need to ever blabber or delve into the stabs- we have all had them in our own degrees and ways. whatever way you wanna put it- I love being happy. And beauty- internally and externally- that's fucking stunning. taking my breath away- so many it's not a breath taken for granted. I walk around screaming without every saying a word...


what I'm wearing...

that's what dictates what elements of garb drape my flesh at the moment... how I'm feeling. fuck I'm insanely passionate that's all. and that's amazing. I'm not a machine anymore- and I am saying yes dreams do come true. they will they always will if you believe in your dream and can see it in your mind. if you don't believe it will happen- it will never come true. I not only dream- I see my dreams all day walking around in my head and I twirl and dance around the gallery when I see the dream in my head one in my hands and it has come true..




why the fuck aren't you dreaming yet? or at all? why are you so scared? I'm just a little girl... aren't I?

a big dreamer, a wild imagination, natural born leader, articulate beyond our testing, social butterfly, blah blah she's a little girl with her head in the clouds making up crazy WILD things and can say and explain these "things" really really well...

k- so the smart cookie here at 27 did it/

I'm in the 27 club- the new interpretation if you will... making your dream come true at 27. Mine did... watch in September.

and then I'll dream a little dream of you...

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