01 September 2012

I've resisted temptation from the Givenchy boots...

(which I could have gotten a
discount from shoe salon loverboy)

I've forced myself to say no to the Maggie Barry ostrich blue ombré cape-

discount as well...

I've just pulled myself through moments when Big P (the princess) has called me in between when I have my girl at an event and I have to return some diamonds tomorrow- just to pick out her dinner outfit and rush like psycho back to the castle like an asshole to make it in time before she's done.

Designing this line,
Wanting my line
Fashion editor position I'm really hungry for and need to kill step and repeat
this personal client
ad campaign
wait new client album- industrial music but um crystals and the galaxy are the inspiration...
don't forget interview mini documentary - that's what the cute Brit Stephanie from Style network called it- film that Friday,

I juggle like a mother fucker- and my dad keeps straight my shit- I reluctantly hand all of that stuff the moment checks different contracts and I just was scrambled. It pissed me off at first, but today thank you dad. For giving me keys to the new car, I bought... I'm super proud of myself but thank you for being proud too... That's rad.

And today it paid off- I did it, and WEEEEERKED and stamped out that cash and my dad surprised me today and said... actually you bought it... He manages my shit- even when people look at the chaos of jazzieland,

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