06 March 2012

RuPaul- an iconic heroine for the drag queen world. She single handedly has not only made the entire world aware of the entire drag culture- she has had number one hits in almost every country, a talk show, and now The Drag Race.
We wait excitedly each week in anticipation... Rooting for our special girl. Well to no ones surprise- my special ladyboy that makes my knees quiver in anti ci.... Pation? SHARON NEEDLES...
She plays to my aesthetic in every creepy spooky satanic blood lusting bone in my body.
Then the answer to why I want to fuck her? Well... Look at her in her boy look- her heroin chic rock star look hits me just perfectly- for all obvious reasons... Can't you tell? But all the characters Ru serves us with has larger than life personalities that capture us and entice us- performing- pummeling runways better than Naomi back in her heyday... They werk with an E and they mean it... ps- shout loud to Lautrice Royale- honey you serve me big black and beautiful all day. Everyday. Twice a day. Especially on a Sunday.
And I applaud these brave women- I applaud them for embracing who they are, and standing in front of the lights of that camera- showing the world who they are in this world is not only beautiful- and real... Fucking take it or leave it bitch...
Xx bella

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