16 November 2010


Had an amazing afternoon doing a fun dress-up photo shoot with Eva Lotta of!

Check out the interview, pics, and all of her rad photos she captures of all us LA fashion monsters on her website!

Jazzie Bella calls her style elegantly disheveled…. a gothic hippie who always wears boots in the summer with black tights just because. And that life is a photo shoot so you should dress like it everyday. My garb is my art- and is expresses who I am and how I feel!

I met Jazzie Bella outside Wasteland on Melrose when I was scouting for Histyley’s.
A year later I visited her home for a photo shoot for my series of stylists, I thought she’d be fun to do a photo shoot with. (And I was right) Her home is full of clothes and vintage pieces.

Who is your favorite designer?

Currently I’m in love with Ann Demeulemeester – her fall collection was effortless, with the curly Mongolian Lamb furs, the perfectly draped crepe de chine, and androgynous feel that I love. She’s absolutely amazing!! And forever…. and always CHANEL. I’m a full-blown Chanel JUNKIE… and I love vintage Gucci from the 1970s. Their handbags with the light brown on brown G’s and the red and green stripe… LOVE that collection and that era! And I still am obsessing over a 40cc Hermes Birkin Bag… aaahh- one day it WILL BE MINE!!! Love it!!

What do you treasure most in your closet.

Besides my collection of Chanel bags?? It’s so hard!! But one item?? My amazing Lynx fur jacket I was given as a graduation gift! Some kids told their parents they wanted to go to Cancun for their graduation gifts- I said I WANT A LYNX FUR JACKET!!

Favorite places to shop in LA?

American Vintage on Ventura Blvd has the best selection of SUPER thin vintage t-shirts… The Way We Wore for elegant one of a kind pieces you will NEVER find anywhere else!! (I LOVE THE OWNER DORIS!! SHE’S PHENOMINAL!!) Diavolina on West 3rd Street always has my favorite fun go to pieces… and besides Chanel on Rodeo who I literally am a best friend with everyone from the store ambassador to the sales reps!! And my 2nd home… BARNEYS NEW YORK!! ( I had my sweet 16 at the Green Grass Cafe!! that’s how in love with barneys I am! they’re family to me!)

What would you do if you where not a stylist?

Well I became a stylist completely accidentally it was never ever my “aspiring dream”- so to have my amazing clothing line… the.PERFECT finally launch!! It’s my baby I’ve dreamed of my first runway show for years and can’t wait until I see my dream become reality… it’s been my passion and love since I was 8 years old… to be the worlds most iconic and greatest fashion designer and be remembered like Coco Chanel long after I’m gone and my legacy continue

What do you do on your “free” time?

Free time? haha!! Vintage shop!! Go hunting for new amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe collection! I love hunting for the new perfect pieces to add to my never-ending fashion castle! Besides that- I have to let loose and go to Trousdale on Tuesday nights, and other than that my best friends and clients Vains of Jenna- we have nights in, drinking wine, having “jazzie pizzas” playing music and hanging out. Its just feels like home when you’re hanging out with people who all have one love in common… ART!


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