18 November 2010


Walking down Fairfax... on my way to my usual little vintage gems... I came across a small wooden door that said FILTH MART above it... being my usual adventurous self, I of course had to see what FILTH MART was all about... and here's where I found a new rad, badass place that has THE best collection of vintage 1970s Tshirts- from the 1973 Rolling Stones authentic concert t I was DROOLING over!! To the enormous collection of perfect womens leather jackets... the owner Maggie Fox couldn't have been more badass to show me all around her gem of a store, and take me back to my 70s rock and roll love! I took some pictures, made new friends and if you are looking for the perfect hidden secret to find that paper thin rock and roll t- with the perfectly distressed denim jacket... you must go to FILTH MART!!

1038 N. Fairfax Avenue
W. Hollywood, CA 90046

owner (and hot badass!!) Maggie Fox


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