08 August 2014


JI was driving around the bend of Sunset Blvd as Sisilia and I were texting... Before we started planning her wedding. We went back and forth as she asked me what to "call" a picture of me chopping tomatoes while having a glass of red and wearing my favorite lynx coat with a cigarette dangling on my lips... Unsure of even why.. "The Bourgeois Butcher" it was! 

     The last time I cried so hard because I was so happy was 11.11.11 Sis texted me a link- as I sat dumbfounded at the computer screen... I was Vogue Italia's photo or the day...  
      And was "for sale" in the Corso Como Gallery ( Group exhibition for Vogue Italia in Milan, Italy)?!?!. (I wonder who bought me- hmm) 
      Having lost my mom 4.30.11 I got to cry for a different reason for once. And it was all because of my Sisilia... Her work speaks for itself, but to be a part of the start of an artists path, is not only an honor- but has a high that nothing could touch. I'm so proud of you Sisilia- and honored to have been your muse! 

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On 11.11.11 I can say with every bit of confidence and certainty... It was the last time I cried so hard because I was so happy. Xx the amused muse... Bella 

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