23 August 2014

scary little monster

    Iphone's weren't "tweeting" or #hashtagging when I was dancing competitively from age 4... because they had not been invented yet unfortunately, which is why I live vicariously through dance moms...     
    When (and if) you were picked to do a solo, the first thought racing rampantly through my head thing, far before even the style I was assigned, was the piece of music. 
    The music brought my understanding of the character and the "mood" to set the tone for what my instructors wanted to bring out of me. A soft lyrical routine; was it set to a tone of anguish and pain? (mentally you then have "to go" to that place, a painful one to say the least, as I built up more material through the years, bringing it to the floor only fueled my dancing career to a higher level each time. 
    Or was it set to an exciting Jazz routine- feeling like you could give Beyonce's back up dancers a run for their money, as the fast paced turns and jumps were the focal point more than your arms a la second having a soft elegance with resistance. 
    Whatever the case may be- here is an ode to "little bellerina" (a nickname my studio slapped on as I was determined to get to the 32 fouettés, accomplished by age 10. Almost at 9, but with technique and no bobbles on my turns, 10). 
    Sarah Hunt did this piece justice without missing one dark little monster beat. Well done my little monster. From one to another. Xx bella

the song is "happy" by Drooom 

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