25 August 2014

    Stumbling across this editorial spread while researching like crazy- what the art direction should be for an upcoming project... I fell head over stiletto heels in love with this shoot of Victoria Beckham for Vogue Turkey. It really gave me a new level of respect for the scowl faced lady... 
    I loved her really getting into character- and my god how I LIVE for the limo shot! Owning bitchy brattiness with a perfectly polished scream that shatters windows encrusted with diamonds... Genius Vogue Turkey!
    And Mrs. Beckham? I bow my head in respect, because from you this I did not expect. I love being taken by surprise. Truly I do. Possibly because I get off on "proving people wrong" or delivering to the client work that they didn't expect from a crazy little artsy fashion monster, who wears tights and doesn't notice or care when there's a tear... call me "elegantly disheveled" for all I care; it encompasses my aesthetic perfectly. 
    I'm not one whom doesn't pretend to tote around a faux Birkin attempting to pass it off as real. (the only things you should or can fake in life are: your hair, your nails and your tan- everything else- "keep it 100%)
    But hand to Jesus- in Beverly Hills- you have 0 idea how many of those bitches toting their bags are faux... It's disrespectful to the designer and the artist! if you can't afford it- there are plenty of options of how to look like a posh bitch with a stick up her ass and scoot down the street out of boredom because of how difficult it is to be a "housewife" in todays world... (this is where I plot a slow, tedious, and painful death at the sheer idea of that all... fucking losers). Yes I said it and I stand by it , un apologetically  so- because I say what I mean, what I said may be mean- but I meant every word. Especially coming from a really dark creature like me.. born and raised in Holmby Hills... I had to run to find out what authenticity is, and to understand what isn't. The truth? It's not "harsh"- it's quite fun actually... everyone is full of shit until proven otherwise. No? Xx bella

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