01 June 2014

     A little over a year ago, after my "animals" editorial, I had the final piece of the puzzle in my mind for the motion editorial I've watched on replay in my mind. 
     Shooting at the hollywood castle (it has a fucking moat and everything), I finally saw  a real space that I watched as "she" was running up the spiral staircase in fast motion as the train of her dress grew longer with each sticatto beat. 
     Before the shoot as I excitedly rambled off the list of everything I wanted for my soirée (theme was a decadent cannibalistic dinner party) my photographer told me to slow down somewhere between the ballerinas and the zebra drawn carriage. 
     (Note this is possible as the producer has a neighbor with a zedonkey as apparently you're able to have them as pets) 
     As model castings began I asked if any of the girls were dancers.. (My mind racing to Clint Mansel's "Hope Overture", but a version that has a hard hitting beat after the cellos wan out as the violins and violas take over- and then it's the BAM (a perfect bass beat that intertwines with Mansel's beautiful symphony. 
     Fast forward, editorial was done, we killed it as my excitement to do the motion editorial was mounting. He finally heard the song, (the bass needs cleaning up), and was "starting to see/hear the potential" 
     I referenced ANTM first motion editorial (fast forward 1:07 in) for visuals... And finally I took the risk and showed an 12 year olds solo to "requiem" by Sophia Lucia to explain the movements and inspiration and the concept. It wasn't working as I banged my head against the wall. 
     Leave it to Sia to be able to take the concept I've been mentally masterbating about, for her new single "Chandelier", and have 20 million hits and counting... God dammit I hate when this happens. But at least now a great friend and director got it with the final Sia reference of what I was trying to explain the past year and a half. Fucking A. 


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