18 June 2014

fuck off on a sunday

looks like this 

stylists. photographers. make up artists. hair stylists. 

     Our paychecks center around how we are hired... always be "the client". As they are the ones whom out of countless artists have selected YOU, to bring THEIR vision to life.. well putting in your two cents involves your "creative freedom", to a "cute" level. Putting your "spin", "interpretation"... oh who the fuck are we kidding? 
     It's an all too familiar tune to text, call, get in touch with one another sans our agents, clients, and our paying projects- to "get creative" on a Sunday. (Using Sunday as a metaphoric ideal of course, to illustrate my point to the 9-5 ers, as Sunday being the perfect day to "fuck off".
     With my case in point, these are the results of "fucking off" on a Sunday. As my big red Ward Robinson and I did on this particular Sunday. To no surprise of mine, some of my favorite work comes from when some artists come together with the only intention is how we "fuck off on a Sunday"... Couldn't love it more if I tried! Xx  

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