06 June 2014

blah blah dada

"That's complete nonsense!"

 well good... 

     Dadaism came sweeping in (rumored as a spark from Switzerland), prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition as a response to the glum tales of WWI in the early 20th century.
     We were just beginning to start the idea of "out of the box", trepidatiously and cautiously of course, slapping a sticker of "avant-Garde" to calm our uncomfortable  un-conformity. 
      The groundwork that Marcel Duchamp and (my absolute hero) Alejandro Jodorovsky had created was a prelude to postmodernism, an influence on pop art, and a foundation for surrealism. 
      Surrealism came sweeping in the early 1920s, with it's defying visual imagery, illogical scenery, and creation of "strange" creatures created from everyday objects. Case in point? Melting clocks of course! 
       The inspiration behind my current project, Dali meets Rothschild's 1973 ball. Oh what a ball indeed! The wildly exciting and elaborate headpieces fed my visually hungry eyes, and with one sweep of Audrey Hepburns head in a birdcage and I was off to the races. 
      My typical overly ambitious self, made a proclamation that I would create these "headpieces" and with my incredibly talented friends egging me on, being elbow deep in paper mâché paste, while blowtorching a plastic flamingo I wondered if I myself was in fact following a completely nonsensical, unreasonable and illogical idea at all? How Dadaist of me... 

     So I kept running... Glue gunning glittered hooker heels talking very seriously to my assistant Alex of how they will be placed upon the head as a headpiece (a nod to Dali's infamous back words shoe hat, as Elisa Schiaparelli brought the image to life as she sat with her own millenary masterpiece). 
     What's next? Secure the location- and gathering in the team! (After I paint my lobster which is now out of the oven a proper shade of chartreuse of course). 

If it seems too weird... It's probably a good idea. Xx

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