09 April 2014


     Thanks it's vintage! The phrase always sounds glamourous, elite, no one else will be stomping the streets in the same fringed kimono- tall suede boots- crazy leather jacket as you...  For the clothes whores like myself... exclaiming over the vintage Dior! The hand beaded pouch that "oh I picked up for $1 at this thrift store!"

($1 holler!) 

       Well baby... There's only a few ways you can relish in the "thanks it's vintage!" commentary... 
And it's either by:
•knowing where
•having the eye
•pay the hefty price tags 
      Our coveted shops with the Yves Saint Laurent (before the Saint Laurent) rive gauche gown that decades may be carrying for an extra $8k... Or the Chanel vintage costume Jewerly, nothing under $800 for days my dear. 
      For Los Angeles in particular... I will share all my nitty gritty secrets... from yesterday's adventure at least. 
      Beit T Shuvah thrift store in Culver City was going to be open in between running an errand in Culver City and one in century city- so I knew a visit was to ensue.             
       On the lookout for my usual heavily beaded gowns, fur stoles and more millinery jewelry to add to my artillery, I hadn't even counted in my ongoing frustration of my hunt for a perfect dresser for my bedroom as my armoire got too angry with me attempting to stuff the drawers too vigorously and took a nose dive.

LOVED the creepy baby stuff I snapped photos of... If I had a creepy doll motif shoot right now I would be bending it over and apply lipgloss because I'm making it my bitch so easily 

       An hour later... As I bump into my incredible girlfriend rhianna whom had landed there for her first time (I was dying with Rhi Rhi and she used her yelp check on for the 20% off too!) I had officially made out like a bandit with my trove of treasures... 

       I'm scraping some magenta paint off of my elbow as I write this from painting my new dresser that met all of my requirements shape and size wise, with the French provincial style curves and swerves... 

(Antique hand loom)

      The $150 price tag dropped to $75 as soon as I explained to Mordecai my pink painting plans... And adding in my amazing vintage camera I got for my dad the $35 dropped to a $28.. the beaded 60s soft pink gown $10, nothing compared to my $3 oscar de la renta blouse, oh and did I mention the incredible white lace and beaded pants as well for $28? From the $35 tag? The dresser may have been marked originally for $150... But I ended up just paying $150 for it all together! 

Can't wait to give this to my dad!! He loves collecting amazing vintage and antique camera equipment!! 

     Make friends with your cool hunts and haunts, and they'll not only hook you up dirty Steeze, but bring friends along! They want more business, and when you give them your contact info, and they get to know what you're always hunting for, don't you think that you'll start getting some rings or texts to tell you the new news? (In case you're still questioning that- not only are you an idiot but I will answer the question. Yes they will call you if you follow my magic moves)

my magenta dresser and I agree... Ikea is just way too lame. How boring right? 

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