10 March 2014

love the print, hate the fit

The endless amounts of piles of sweaters we have laying around of the "love the print" "hate the print" dilemma is enough to want to slash open your space bags. For our collection of dresses... Trump that pile everyday of the week. 
     Now get out your scissors and some champagne to celebrate the revival of these retired pieces. 

       Cut them down the front

That's it. That dresses print was so cute but the fit is shit? Amazing! It's now your favorite new go to cardigan to throw on as you run out the door. 



Place your discarded dud flat on the floor and fold it in half with a ruler placed in the middle. 

Mark each side. 

Now snip it up the front bitches! 

If you want to clean up the front, make a 1/2" to 1/4" seam allowance and stitch the front of each of your new cardigan. 

Not rocket science. But cool and creative right? Now go start cutting yourself. 

I meant your stuff you emo assholes! Xx

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