24 September 2013


Check out this video on YouTube:

doing a music video is the same amount of cray as an editorial. And I love it. Making characters come to life... as directors and producers back forth of describing what the aim is, and when you're rubbing black shoe polish on a denim vest at 2 am with your friends to "make the carney" option three, or literally (the fireman would have not been made perfectly smooth and possible if it wasn't for the incredible Kimberly Mendez (who kills it rocking out on the gold course) ... Or searching high and low for the perfect cheesy authentic 70s game show host jacket... After shopping costume houses pulls and then the final a-ha! As the hair bow being used as a Bowtie is literally (Ian Marshall the whip stick master period) is finishing stitching that bad boy as film is literally loaded and cameras set to shoot the action of the reaction as Erika Frank (she ran the entire wardrobe hair make up the house down as gown options are being passed around like a cheap hooker on prom night, and staring into the screen to see if the banana top you two literally are molding and shaping throwing shoes off for step ins to make the top not floppy but shaped like a banana at the top.. As opposed to a depressed uncircumcised flasid penis. You have to have plan D... not B or just C. And Erika said the most hard hitting smart as fuck comment (as ass early call times and waking when you hear the night crawlers coming back home from a night out.. she said "being on time is 10 minutes late"... 
Beyond genius, to where I made sure to be early to my 4pm, and checked as I sat down Iced Tea-ed to go before Peter Baratti and I Cafe Primo'ed and my pushes of giving playboy.. An appeal again... period. I arrived at 3:36- amen to your advice. So simple yet effective right? 
So remember it's a team- NOT a competition or else you're fucked, a TEAM a strong one made a shoot that looks as rad as this one (another Producer killer hit by Michelle Larkin, as if she could keep track of her heavily belted wins)... And it ran smooth like peanut butter... calm collected and cool, tiny tweaks and twerks of woohoo wedding gown we got each other moments, and relishing in your $1 store tall argyle socks for Mr Mel Kohl our blantanly dorky golfer. 
It's being creative, resourceful, and quick as shit on your feet, so you're not just on that set.. But the next one, and the next- and I love this one. Skylar... such a rock star all around period. And she's ridiculously talented- and hysterical and will go there make you laugh and then stare dead eyed into the camera and you're like, shit bitch- you're banging hot. Amazing and amazing.. I don't know if I could ever get sick of playing dress up. If I do... 1) slap me... And then 2) slap harder.. 

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