06 September 2013

"the business".... and a little moment to discuss what the fuck is style? 

A topic Otis never covered in any curriculum as this emergence of a bullshit title that girls are hungrily clamoring for... is a fucking joke to me. why? because style.. (the actual word is just a modernized terse for the definitive dictionary word- panache)... that's what "style" is... seriously look it up. I live for costume history. here's a little new fashion fact of the day...

Panache comes from when the swashbucklers (i.e; Johnny Depp Pirates of the Carribiean time period) the "pirates" (or swashbucklers.. a reference later to their boots) would stick large plumes (large feathers such as ostrich) in the large floppy hats pinned up on one side as their touche of panache... so the term was adding a panache to your hat... that's what style means and comes from. The more you learn- the more you know. I almost wish I could be in art school forever. Actually rewind- I want to be in art school forever. And maybe that isn't physically a possibility but you can make your life that way if you choose to do so. I just didn't dance to a beat of a different drummer.... I just danced to the music in my head instead... Xx bella 

the creative kid who loves art

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