25 June 2013


it's something inside of you or it's not. to boldly say such words that implicate a little girls broken fairytale dream of her Prince Charming... but my excitement is because of the glorification women are spewing in our consumer culture of "finding" "the one"... I may only be 28, but that's something you can't "look" for... If it's the right fit my little cinderella. you have to try on a few pairs of shoes..

And there are the frogs that you thought were princes... but I do believe in happily ever after.. Maybe I'm just encouraging more of holding a standard, not complacency- when you decide to be with another... you will feel like the princess you are- and your fairytale not only can come true- they do. dream bigger  - because dreams do come true. I promise. And it will never happen if you don't believe it will. 

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