06 May 2013

...what's the object of the game?...

tag. you. Between my happily never after I'm still sorting out in my head... (That needs to be a motion editorial period) what to shoot that some shit blocked up in the loud mind of a creative kid who loves art...


we already are categorized with objects grammatically... the definition of a noun for example... A PERSON place OR THING ...

surely you do see that connection creatures don't you? If not- k. Too slow sorry sugar booger I run really fast and do my best to slow down and teach you the letters so when you're done with the alphabet I can read you the book.

When it, or if it- ever resonates why Van Gogh cut off his ear... lemmie know. if it never does- and you think that's grotesque and I'm a creepy weird little fuck- guess what... PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Because when you truly don't give a fuck what others think about you- it's liberating beyond belief.

There's never any- oh should I not say this? Or hmm- let me tame that. what is going on with everything else currently?... I NEVER KNOW AND I LIKE THAT.

I walk around naked a lot... physically as equally as in terse. (If you've been around me for more than a few hours or anytime I'm trying anything on- guaranteed you've seen my nipples. I love them they're fabulous. But back to the point- yes... naked. Vulnerable. cruelty of the honesty we leave on the floor. the stage. our canvas. Our art.

Oh and Mark- you fucktard with the Falkers? Your passive aggressive bullshit about travel brochures and how much you hate your "job" and then bastardizing the word photographer... as I inquisitively ask why your time is wasted on matters that don't make you happy when people whom want to learn about lighting development techniques, compositions- teach them!! don't call them interns it's very belittling in my opinion. And start doing what you love.

"Ya I had a great day walking around the golf course shooting people" I ask in all honesty. really? I couldn't imagine that but if it makes you happy that's rad.

you can do what you love, and yes there's the balancing act of the "bills" jobs... and the I'm alive ones... But I know I'm going to get there- before New Years is my goal now set in stone. To only do what I am alive and makes me live instead of just breathe...

Oh and after the furniture is built (the ham furniture of course)... Bitches like this will be sitting in their couture with demonic gazes and excited faces... maybe even sitting on yours.

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