18 April 2013

A sleek and chic statement I'm really loving that is creeping back finally my little monsters is a stunning pair or sharp pointed toe heels... Here are some of the too pics of the litter little lovers... From Manolo Blahnik to a new emerged favorite, gianvito rossi I fell in love with this summer with as I explained to Big P the purple ankle strap pointed toe heels... She will be living for all day... Ah if avant garde makes everyone smile a bit more to tag me- then fashion forward... well I'm flattered of the compliment as one whom is deemed of that title... So there we go "goth glam rock" (sky high platforms) point heels in summer (well here's that one...) and bell bottoms... Hurry up for them all... They're amazing. Can't wait for ...the.PERFECT... Pair of Low rise leather bells to come out...


  1. That style looks good on the right girl.

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