29 March 2013

as one whom lurks behind the camera- using the human body as my canvas and garb as my medium- it's been difficult to say the least... doing this project. The project being... me. as I'm someone else's canvas now, that's hard... really hard for an artist- but I trust drew. and am trying really hard because their world- I don't know it at all. I sit confused looking up at the machines with lenses zooming in and out on my face, with terror- all for just having my dream come true... To create the art I have worked so hard to get my hands on, the crazy budgeted music videos, editorials, Alejandro Jodorovsky- a huge jump for one girl- performing the most important and permanent solo of her life... to be able to work with you. Matthew Barry will you encourage me to go further- faster? Hate it? Love it? Care even to make an opinion about it? I'm willing, ready and now able to take this big jump, because sometimes you only need one person- one soul to believe you can- sometimes it just has to be you... I'm blessed and thankful I have my mom whom believed and believes in me, holding my hand even though I can't touch her skin... But I know she's never letting go. I have drew, and I am grateful he tells me when I'm fucking up- and tells me when I'm wanting to break that I can do this. My dad just thinks I'm a creep- but loves me and has a bias opinion. But I have Drew and Ward, and for two talented powerhouses like those... To believe I have talent, and that I can perform, and win. I'm more fortunate than I acknowledge...

Here's some photo recaps this week.

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