21 March 2013

It's been a wild week to say the least... while waiting on the model castings. the MOST important are my girls.. the ballerinas. they'll be in black the entire shoot- the continuity will make sense... and cents- which I suggested should be all donated to starting the house of the perfect arts foundation. giving a chance, an opportunity for the kids- all of the kids- I'm a kid for fucks sake. for us to have access to art... to express ourselves in whatever our medium is... we just need to provide the medium... because there's such a huge canvas to paint on.

I live for this piece. I live because of art. I live for art

this piece speaks volumes... I love the artistry in motion.. it's sensational

this is just such a stunning piece..

I love this perfect haunting piece.

I just love this artist... this dancer Chloe Luskiak - I reached out to Inspired PR and hope we can get her in soon. because she- she resonates with me. the kid really feels it, and lives for it. it's stunning. she really leaves it all out there. she inspires me.

this might be next week's art project

holy shit

nuff said

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