06 February 2013


requiem for a dream soundtrack meets fritty romeo and juliet moments... my little girl has been practicing already... the teacher smiles at her little one... the prima bellarina couldn't be more excited about her little girl... and am working like the madness I am to complete work on and really relish and narrow my complete first 10. my final my top my perfect. collection. my characters will be created and come... first I need to dream in my head a lot more of seeing the visual elements of the wardrobe with the mood... oh the mood haunting... haunting is a word that I feel in a different way of how it lasts in my mind. I want the art to- it matters to me. it's ok if that's my ego at times for my stories. if I don't release it in my art... what then? let it fester inside of me like some resentful youth of teenage angst itching with my next LOOK AT ME tattoo. hair. ear stretching boohoo for me attitude of screaming in silence with my chip on my shoulder?

No thank you been there done that- that is where my release is I let it all out and leave it there on the floor... naked, without a shield or a sword- because it's real, to me. it's

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