08 January 2013


When you were grateful and so proud of the hard work you put in with a passion and commended from not just someone, but as the assistant to the incredible Constance Han- as she was the head celebrity coordinating editor- I was almost dumb founded that Cons never loved or lived for the art obsessive from set shot to a detail of an accessory (let's just say she loved running the business aspect and almost just granted my wish for my love of "the pull"- the element that you only want and love/ THE FASHION!! THE ART!!

When the photographer... One of such esteemed regard and talent of Miko Lim none the less, commends your work when you feel not only confident in your work but take the chance the courage to do to to reach out to that artist as the hey I was that assistant and I believe in my work and my art essentially to be worthy of your consideration to where I am no longer the student in terse but a peer as one to make you feel like ya kid- you did it.

I can't wait and it makes my heart beat and burst when the artists I passionate not only learned from but soaked in every aspect to have the ability - just him wanting to work with me, that kid whom he unknowing Miko-
that day in July running into the standard hotel with an engulfing coyote fur coat, (your first attempts of piecing together fur) a vintage bridal headpiece and just a long tank, combat boots- and sunnies the size of Texas...
They remember you- and you inspired them to want the shoot more?

And when you said hey throw your coat on her for a shot... When typing credits... I got the first publication as my collection- my dream- my line essentially ...the.PERFECT... First in print. You did that for me Miko and I can't wait to work with you and paying it forward means so much.

Miko- dream bigger if a network grants the "wish" of what art project do you dream of... Dream big and thank you for just making me feel like I did it and I did and bad ass.

"We're gonna eat this bread cause we made plenty" yes- perfectly phrased Iggy azalea - hard work honest work and when you really do it from a place of love from 4 years old.... you know and feel so good. Check out one of the artists and photographers I really respect and am just so damn excited he's bad ass and reaches back- Miko Lim.

Http:// he's a bamf all day. everyday twice a day and especially on Sundays

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