28 December 2012

...walk this way...

The walk of shame... I see it far too often and almost feel a duty to show you how to make a walk of shame into a walk of fame instead...

The tools:
1) enormous black sunnies
2) a bold lip
3) hair tie
4) fabulous coat

If you can't fit sunnies and some lipstick into your bag when you go out in your teetering heels and dress you pull down far enough to cover your ass- don't drink bitch...

In the morning when you rub your eyeliner smeared eyes and your hair tangled next to your last nights- slap your face run to the bathroom and throw your hair into a high pony or messy bun. Sunnies on bold lip. Fabulous coat and don't you look posh at your Starbucks this am? Yes... You do dahling... Listerine strips are genius as well (take up no room and not everyone is "wisp" savvy... Go stomp the streets in style- even if you haven't stepped into your own door since wl.. Last night. Xx Bella

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