05 November 2012

The One Eyed Salute creature is one of my personal favorites by Really Dark Creatures...
This one of a kind piece is covered in UK 77 studs, has one shoulder piece entirely covered in spikes all around the armscye. Hand stitched leather patch on front right above yoke.
Below yolk is has painted with 9 unique punk pins- a super rad Moody Blues, vintage venice beach pin and many others!
Front left we created the human

Antony hand stitched "patch" layering two pieces of muslin hand stitched together with canvas patch and burned the edges for our favorite creepy touches... Surrounded by matte black UK 77 studs and boldly written CREEP on front with smaller matte black pyramid studs edging the entire vest.

Back features the American flag with torn back alternating red and white stitching (frankenstitched) on sides with hand painted extending lines with Ozzy Osbounes iconic quote:

"Of all the things I've lost- I miss my mind the most" above...

measurements taken while laying flat:
shoulder to shoulder: 14.5"
length (back) 19"
length (front) 15"
width: 16"
length of armscye: 8"

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Custom couture vest > clunky shoes everyone and their mother has... I thought so my little creeps... Xx bella

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