13 November 2012 I'm a rockstar...

Valentino gauze shirt
$1,010 -

Feather jacket
$145 -

Givenchy kitten heels

Antik Batik leather wallet
$210 -

Alexander mcqueen

I'm really itching for a new band... a fresh new band of rockstars to make the bitches want them and the buys want to be them... since my best friends and my "fam" VOJ moved back to Sweden... that's something that's just fucking dying in LA just like art... the real rockstars... not the skuds that litter the fucking angels and crackheads or the 50-hoes... the real fucking rockstars... the stp's, the pumpkins, the black crows... fucking rock and mother fucking roll.... traveling around the world with that pass and knowing you're the modern day pennylane (sans the fucking my clients and being paid for making them look rad part)... I miss life on the road... and need a break from this vacant vapid hole of the vampires not in that fucking make me want to break your jaw tween way... but in the fuckers whom just suck you dry, drain you as you pay it forward and are left an empty shell... I get you Fiona...

the reckless recluse... whatever the fuck my name is.
who cares

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