06 November 2012


From your favorite creeps... This is the sparkle bird creature...
We punked out and made this one of a kind piece with an authentic vintage Levi Strauss & Co. Vest- cut with our signature "ragged" scissors to create the "wings" at the top and the perfect side cut as well. With UK 77 studs (triple row all over collar except for center where "I'm just a really dark creature" is written boldly between collar studding. This vintage Harley Davidson one of a kind backing is our only creature with the Swarovski element for our more "Girly" creatures. Gold embroidery while stitching around entire piece... So you will always know yours is custom and everyone else are just customers... Pick up your perfect piece of couture- your "piece" that will forever be your statement go to for years to come... Xx really dark creatures

Measurements below:
L: (from top of shoulder) 17"
Side seam to side seam: 14.5"
Shoulder to shoulder: 11"
Length of back from top of collar: 19"

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dear black sheep... What a magnificent creature you are. You have no idea how special you are... I love you the most of all...

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