18 October 2012

something dark... and really creepy...

I know how unexpected of me... but that's the thing maybe... I do it for me- and I'm feeling this right now... a story... maybe because to be brutally honest about my own issues thinking of the whole mother daughter whole entire- the house down period. that's all I will say to that and for my girl burying her daughter on her birthday- in the astonish editorial? ya... she won... she fucking won... maybe this story is different where mommy dearest dies. I don't know yet... I don't know...

(artists are the most vulnerable and honest creatures that still exist... we put it all out there and hence why I bow my head to such greats at Salvador Dali, whom's house I had the honor of seeing when in Spain last time... woot woot Spanish pride- maybe we are just weirdos from there... and alejandro.. oh christ my alejandro jodorowsky that I need to meet before he passes... to crawl around inside his mind... whom was one of the founding forefathers of theatre de cruel... which means "The Theatre of Cruelty" Because of the cruel reality an artist is vulnerable enough to show... and they started the movement... to dada Dadaism... surrealism.. questioning reality because you believe what is just told to you? no we say... baaahhhh sheep- see things the way YOU see them- don't just cattle along... or just at least bahh or moo once in a while as we continue to run our shit.

it's all just art... and art is beautiful... because in a world that is full of so much hate- there's a comfort and love in art... it can evoke an emotion- make people feel.... and I live for the moments I can feel anything anymore... because every fucking day... I just breathe... I wait and live because of the moments I feel -

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