30 September 2012

   the little "snippet" let's say... that Brownstone showed me... led me to say a fuck you to the President Drew Brown at one point... this makes sense because it's l;ike a modern day factory.. my life what I do. because I can't fit into a box when.. I'm styling fashion shows February Houstin for basketball wives people have lines? so their show,, new orleans super bowl nhl wives then fly to new york (on my birthday as usual... February 26th to style those shows) 

   but next month I may be in Beiruit or Palestine... costume design for a film... of which I must email research sketches moodboards etc by wednesday to the producer tony... 

    but Sa has a huge carpet on the 13th way before that (so have to get my research on for gowns like craaaay right now)

and October... Isn't this the time of month that all the fashiony thingies go HAM? 

ya.. it is... welcome to jazzieland... ...the.PERFECT... the modern day factory... fucking a enjoy the show- you all always do 


    I just became the equivelant of peanut butter the moment the "them" started calling... four years now I think? But it's abundantly clear... that the only way it will be done if there is a chance at ALL of it being an EVER... it's fucking my way period. my integrity as a artist... priority right next to authenticity for sure... there were a few snips that there is a reason why some kid walking into ISW wants to intern for me and asks for gas money I laugh as I'm in my design meeting looking at my asst Darion that day like is she... really.... what is I don't have time for this. and when I say how replaceable they all are... it's because within the madness- and chaos.. I seem to be able to handle it all... so that's why for ME...

     the concept PEOPLE PAY ME TO TELL THEM HOW TO LOOK... I have to be NEEDED .. that's already something my kids learn is that your clients you need to give them what no one else can. you HAVE to become irreplaceable... like shit can't happen without you.

   hence why my assasin is Nadine Silvestre... she is impressive as FUCK and if I book the film... Dine is coming with me period. I need an asst month of Feb. Dine knows.... so the editing that was done along with words like Demonic Celebrity Fashion fuck you dude... 

   I don't know what a direction one is and it's a band? I don't know pop culture period. and it's mind blowing to most- but I don't care to watch peoples "lives" - unless you're: iron chef america, top chef, masterchef, hells kitchen (any cooking show), dance moms (relive childhood) or storage wars- sometimes pawn stars gets be excited with the weird shit- I don't watch you. wait gimme toddlers and tiaras aaaand modern family I'm even surprised I kept up! oh and Ru- rupauls drag race and ANTM banks' model thing only to see the end photos. period, she gives INCREDIBLE advice to any of you whom want to pursue modeling. she fucking knows and since the vogue italia moment- that's when I went back because it became legit. currently not as happy as when I had Andre and Vogue Italia (now NYLON?!??!? THATS THE SHOOT?!?!?! LIKE FUCK MY MOTHERS CORPSE WITH A STRAP ON I'M BEYOND SHOCKED AT THE DROP IN RESPECT IN THAT ASPECT FUCKING A TYRA- ANN SEASON KILLED IT AND ALL STARS ALL OTHERS DIE. anyways,,,

enough enough '

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