28 September 2012


I love artists...

sitting in a meeting finally with the "exec" producer- I only mention this because of one particular question that shook me to the core... near the end of this meeting...

"what made you like this? Like, how did you become like this?"

His question wasn't in any tone other than one of pure curiosity as he struggled to understand or wrap his head around who I really am and what a shit show a snippet I saw had me stand up, to his question noted prior and said- "fuck you dude, seriously fuck you"

alejandro jodorowsky

dear mr b, go read about what "made" this stunning artist the way he is because you say that type of shit to someone like me...

I get it

We're weird to you

We just see the world in a different way... We see it the way we want to... Not the way we were told to... Because the pictures in your head- when they come to life- those are the days I live... Because every day I just breathe... But those are the days I get to live..

That's why

I am the way I am mr b

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