27 September 2012

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Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist | Jazzie Bella0
United Virtuoso September 17, 2012 Fashion, Press and Media

Working with Jazzie yesterday was one of the greatest experiences.

I admire her hard work ethic like no ones business! On the road by 4:30am made for an early start with photographer Ward Robinson shooting for Animal Magazine. I learned countless valuable things from every word she had to say. Some of the conversations shared throughout the day left my mind so intrigued, knowing how long she has been a professional wardrobe stylist and really knows her craft. She is one of those people you encounter who is so different than you personally, you can’t help but get a breathe of fresh air.

“If you like shopping, you’re going to hate fashion. Retail is 2 years old by the time you buy it.”

What inspires me most about Jazzie is her interesting personality and where she gets inspiration from! This girl is so funky, trendy with her personal style and creative!!! I love her taste for punk rock, and old Rock & Roll eras. Names like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse were names casually used throughout conversations.

Throughout my day I was reminded in myself how much of that era is influenced in my own life! Music I grew up around, trends I followed in high school and such. I feel inspired to really pursue the Rock & Roll lane with a new confidence!

Her top 5 magazines:

I left the day not actually wanting to have to leave yet! That’s how you know it was such an influential 12 hours.

Some of her clients include everyone Samaire Armstrong, Willow Smith, Pussycat Dolls, Vains of Jenna, New Boyz, Dirty Money, Diddy, Amy Kuney, Cassie, Kelis and the Princess of Saudi Arabia and

many more.

Check out her website here:

Thank you Jazzie for your kind heart and extra mile willingness to teach!



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An intensity... (for lack of better words) sparks inside of me when I talk about art... as an artist... garb is my art... when someone hungry to learn about art enters my world... and when my kids write things like this... THIS is what it needs to be about... THIS is what is important... paying it forward... your knowledge and your experience... to keep not only art alive- but to inspire others... but only the ones that carry the fire will continue to do so... and Lexy... you too carry the fire... and will one day understand the feeling of what it is to feel the fufillment of lighting someone's passion... super proud crazy mom...

Xx bella

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