07 August 2012


people are fascinated with the way I "shop"... I did an episode for Talk Media on how to make a flea market your bitch, and when photographer Adrienn Recio caught sight of me at the Melrose trading post this past Sunday... here's a sneak peak of my Sunday treasure hunt..

first tip is bring HAND SANITIZER !! because if you want to find the good treasure... you have to be ready to get a little messy, have patience to go through racks.. look in bins, boxes, and you will be surprised on what you may find in a box of odds and ends...

final treasures found on this particular Sunday...

yellow handmade ceramic rose 2 vintage denim kids jackets
(for really dark creatures)
crystal and hand blown glass headpiece
black velvet with fringe large piece
(I'm going to make into some sort of Kimono/ wrap)
Sterling Silver handmade geometric bangle
vintage (perfectly worn in SUPER thin) Michelangelo anatomy T shirt
thin red plain authentic western button down
iced coffee (than you Adrienn!)
and a day full of fun with Jimi Hendrix, BSJ, and photo fun with Adrienn... not bad for a treasure hunt of a Sunday...

and best part?... I didn't spend more than %53...

Xx bella

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