25 July 2012


with the Samsung Galaxy event being thrown by EMC Bowery at the Andaz hotel just hours away... and I got lucky enough to be my stunningly talented girl Samaire Armstrong's date... my faux beau and Nicolette had a full day ahead!

First stop was Kill City... and I couldn't be more bummed to have to do that return tomorrow!! I had never been in the shop or even seen the line to be brutally honest (I really am super unaware of that outside world- I get it I get it)... but couldn't have been more excited to have met Drew and Aaron on Saturday night and they happily let me go wild in their rock and roll candyland (and crossing my fingers of their promise to make some jeans that can fit my scrawny little ass!) from their blazers with leather lapels, to those amazing bell bottoms with the lace... major meows... Ian Nicola and I had an amazing time. Don't worry about the nonchalance of the couldn't be more disinterested mr N... you can get a good rise out of him if you're lucky...

then off to Kenwerks to check out some other fun options. Sa and I really fell in love with a Piper Gore knit maxi with the leather moto Motel Rocks layered over- but were really feeling the rock and roll vibe on the final outfit...

after the pull was done it was time for prepping for the fitting before my girl headed over and kicked back with my two favorite boys. the faux beau and Jimi Hendrix (wearing the amazing Melamed Swarovski headpiece and Kill city's lace bells... it was dress up time!!

Samaire's final outfit:

Kill city blazer with Leather Lapels
Z.Hovak knit stripe tank
...the.PERFECT... hammered metal necklace
Kill City hi rise flares
Koolaburra open toe booties
and a vintage snakeskin soft grey clutch as the perfect final touch...

both being artist's Samaire and I were only too excited to grab the sharpies and sketch away on the large canvases at the Samsung event, (with Jackie's permission of course!) before the fiercely fabulous lady known as Bess Byers (two words for her: BAD BITCH) she's the girl who's in the know before you even know there's a know to know- ya know? excitedly grabbing Bess- the event came to an end for everyone... but Bess Ian and I still had our party hearts going...

Back to the fashion castle for a quick change... I asked Bess if I could "sexify" her- and she happily agreed... hairspray- smokey eyes and glossy lips paired with a sexy drapey knit tank and those amazing kill city leather shorts, which I topped off with a Yves Saint Laurent blazer- Bad Bitch Bess, The faux beau Ian and I headed off to nightswim first... the hipsters and rando's gave no excitement for our needed dose of rock and roll- so to The Sayers Club we had to naturally fall suit to... and I couldn't be more happy I popped Bess' Sayers cherry...

String Fellow Hawks were killing it and I couldn't be flipping my hair and more wildly to their down 70s good fucking rock and roll... I fucking love them and best part? They're not signed yet- (hello new clients!) and after that performance... they so fucking will be. After a night of shaking hips (and unfortunately for me- no locking lips... bleh!) we headed back after a night full of fun... now THAT is what I always look to my kids and say- it was just a Tuesday... Xx bella

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