13 July 2012

So I need to keep up with my blog more- especially about fun little creative ideas to add extra panache to your life... Here's one of my favorites. You will need:

3 quart size empty paint cans
(purchase at home depot 25 cents each)
A bag of potting soil
(99 cent store)
Individual ivy plants
(99 cent store)
A drill

-Drill holes into the bottom of paint cans (water must be able to drain out)
-fill each can 3/4 of the way with soil
-plant your ivy in each pot
-water regularly and voila!

I love ivy because it grows quickly and is such a lush plant, I put my little one pot wonders in vintage birdcages I've collected from various flea markets and thrift stores, and when the plants really fill out- you'll have a beautiful little secret garden of your own- and the best part? Costs just under $5.00

Xx bella

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