17 June 2012


I put my dad on a pedestal with a bulldozer... The man is fucking superman to me.
I think all little girls look at their dad with that wild eyed wonder of wow... Nothing can ever hurt me because I have my dad feeling... I may have missed that mom boat- but fuck off- my dad... He just deserves the world for breathing alone. He's phenomenal- that's just a fact of life.
Just one teeny tiny little this is how epic dad is fact? Just one... Harvard Business school- graduation rate is... Well.. That whole look to your left and to your right thing- only one of you will graduate paradigm you hear of? Exactly... It would take one two years normally to graduate from business school, and Harvard at that... My dad? Killed it with top honors in 11 MONTHS- motherfucker is my biggest hero.
I only hope he knows how much I love him, and am not only grateful but thankful... I'm so lucky I get to have a father that is beyond words- he makes superman look like super troopers special style...
I love the living shit out of you daddy... I always have- and always will... Xx your little bellarina

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