04 June 2012


the art of using our own hands and the medium of tangible materials- and not technology is a depressing death to watch... call it my bauhaus bred art school Otis for making us learn how to use chop saws, mix cement, draw fat naked ladies with charcoal and use only two colors- black and white to create a gradient of 100 shades of grey... but no- the masters- the true "artists" - put down the ipad and pick up a pencil... my friend nate frizzell and I went to Otis together. he was a senior when I was beginning my foundation year- he just shot me for his new painting series and he's a talented mother fucker. I give cred where do all day everyday twice a day especially on a Sunday- and he's a bad ass artist... I should have worn more bracelets- maybe just to fuck with Frizzell and his attention to detail... just kidding diggity. you're killing it- Xx

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