16 May 2012


Sidebar with our stylist

As our guest stylist for this shoot, Nadine Silvestre let us pick her brain about the crazy world of fashion and check out the goodies she keeps in her toolkit:

Q: Let's start at the beginning, how did you become interesting in styling?
A: I went to Catholic school so I was never really able to play around with my style when I was younger. When I got a job at Urban Outfitters during my teens, I really discovered I could be creative in what I wore.

Q: How has attending FIDM shaped your style?
A: I've learned a lot about how fashion relates to life. It's not just the clothes; it's learning the history and being inspired by everything around you, from music to movies -- especially art. Those two years definitely made me more creative.

Q: Which designers inspire you?
A: I really love Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. They do a lot of really great basic styles with funky cuts or non-traditional shapes. I love Lang's use of asymmetrical cuts, it makes everything look much more interesting than a basic hem.

Q: Outside of school, what experience do you have?
A: I have been assisting celebrity stylist Jazzie Bella, which means I help her on shoots, dropping off clothes, styling, basically whatever she needs. It's a hard industry to get your foot in the door so the more work you can do, the better.

Q: What kind of things do you keep in your stylist toolkit?
A: Since you never know what you might need, I keep everything from heavy-duty clamps from Home Depot (to pin clothes), toupee adhesive that acts as double-stick tape, scissors, a Tide-To-Go stick, lint rollers and safety pins to a notebook and pen, for taking notes.

Q: What accessory are you looking forward to this summer?
A: I've been making floral crowns, and those seem to be getting huge right now. I haven't worn them out yet, but I would love to see someone all in leather with a really girly pink flower crown.

in the fashion indsutry- unfortunately many of my peers have become jaded to say the least... I'm not ranting about a slamathon- but I will say all of the kids favorite "MAJ" "stylist" (I really don't see how you can morally accept a penny from picking out a pretty gown strappy sandals on a pretty girl and be so MAJ- I remember helping HER out when I was interning for Rock & Republic and she pleaded for me to gift one more shirt for N.R before the first season as her beat up blue bronco with smoke bursting through the hood rumbled up to our studio... funny how people get when they finally get to where they want...
but I don't believe in "interns"... everything that I had and have been through in this industry for the past 12 years (yes.. 12- I'm 27, started at 15 and so fucking proud of myself)- I knew I would treat the children (that's the term I like to use for intern) the way I wanted to be treated when I was making sure coffees stacked up to the cieling with spendas equals and their mail in tow... I wanted my children to learn- the purpose of an internship is to LEARN... and be a mentor to teach these children everything you possibly can about this industry...
it's a mentorship- and I still call and make sure to keep in touch with those whom have helped shape my career and guide me along the way... I'm pretty slutty in the sense I have many children- but my kids?? There have only been two... Nini (head of all visual corp Nordstorm now- SO PROUD OF MY NININININI!!!) and my assasin child Dine....
my kids impress me- and when you see your childs first independant interview?! my heart bursts... I'm so proud of you Dine.. and ps- mom has a new editorial that you're going to be finger dancing with me all the way through the church and mortuary all day every day twice a day especially on a Sunday... and the fashion weeks are approaching...
I'm so proud of you Dine, she has been the one that has reminded me the most of myself... she's hungry as fuck- ignores the rest of the world to grab this world by the balls-- and even through she's silent... she's leathal... she's my Lucy Liu... my assasin child... and any moment she has free she is STILL on fucking TOP of my shit- and making sure ...the.PERFECT... is running smooth like peanut butter.... and here is her first independant interview... I'm so fucking proud of you Dinaronni... arts & crafts and giggle juice night. maybe tonight? have the two fashion events tomorrow..

Xx mom

follow my child on twitter: @_dinesilvestre and on instagram or else you're a fucking loser

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